Unique Gifts Ideas

Giving gifts is wonderful for the most part especially when they are well-received. However, there comes a time when you need to get creative, especially when you’re clean out of gifts ideas.

In this blog post I share a few that you may not have considered and the great thing is they’re all year round gifts for weddings, anniversaries, retirement, birthdays, christenings, dedications, Christmas, Valentines Day etc.

Unique Gifts Ideas

So in this post I have endeavored to share some really great unique gifts ideas with you. Here are some of my favorite ones:-

Organo Gold Coffee

This brand of coffee is unique in that it only does a healthy range of premium gourmet beverages – coffee, tea and chocolate drinks, that have been infused with the herb ganoderma lucidum (promoting health and longevity) used for centuries in Chinese herbal remedies. Their products include nutraceuticals and personal care.

BeU Skincare

They also have the beU skin range for anti aging solution for radiant skin using organic and natural based ingredients, selling cream cleanser, Jojoba anti aging, Bee venom anti aging mask and retinol anti aging moisturizer.

OGX Fenix

In addition to their beverage and skincare range they have a weight loss/ healthy diet product called OGX Fenix. It is described as a proprietary blend of whey protein along with essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and an exclusive Ganoderma mushroom to create a delicious meal replacement shake for weight control.

Karatbars Gold
They are described as shrink-wrapped with a certificate, which results in a bank card format and is delivered in this manner.

You will find this statement on their page that “the Karatbars differ from ordinary gold bars in that they have a hologram at the back. At the front they are embossed with the fineness and weight of the gold bars. In addition, Karatbars are equipped with the inscription “fine gold” and an assayer’s mark and a melting mark.”

Starting at 0.1g which is well under £10 ( under $14) you can also personalise the gift card. They are also available in 1g, 2.5g and 5g.

Additional Benefits

The great thing about these unique gift products are they sometimes offer special deals, so you can look out for them. Also, if you were so inclined you could register a member account to purchase these gifts at wholesale prices.

Follow the link by clicking on the individual images to the various websites to purchase and become more popular with family members and friends. No one will ever say you give borrow ill thought of gifts ever. The absloute best thing is they are suitable for most budgets!

I mean, what’s not to love about these unique gifts ideas?

Let me know how you get on and spread the word!

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