Taking Your Business Online

The main reason you should have an online presence for your business is this quote by Bill Gates…

Online Presence

Taking your business online is not having posts on social media alone. It’s about having a home, a base if you will for your business. When Bill Gates created the Microsoft technology he certainly had the desire for businesses to own their piece of the virtual intellectual property called cyberspace.

When you have a product or service that has an online presence, as I’ve said before in a previous post, it gives you credibility.


You’ll find when you have an online presence it gives you instant credibility and you’re immediately seen as a serious business and not a ‘fly-by-night’ entity.

It’s important in creating brand awareness, that you seriously consider and implement the following:-

  • Website – When you own a website you gain instant authority for your business. This is because you have complete control over the content of your website allowing you to share content in whatever form you like. When you send people to your.com website for instance, it carries so much more authority than if you sent them to some free access service. The mere fact that you have a website that you have paid for puts you head and shoulders above your competitors who haven’t (unless your the competitor who doesn’t have a website).
  • Email – Please note that none of the free email services will give you credibility if you use them as your business email. Consider how you would react to a post that says send me an email at ‘mybusiness@aol.com‘ for more info as opposed to send your queries to ‘info@mybusiness.com‘.
  • Social Media – it’s important to have an online presence on social media as this is where your customers and potential customers are hanging out. Personally, I favor Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (business page) and Instagram as my main choices for promoting my website links and email. This helps give me credibility as I have been active on them for years and consistent (people seem to like that). The aim is when they think of a need that I can help with I will immediately come to mind and this should be the same for you too!


Taking your business online to give yourself an online presence need not cost a lot, but it will cost you something, which should not be a worry as it should be added to your business expense account.

Having said that, you need to know where you can get started easily and get support also if and when you need it. I found one for myself and clients that offer support and online training so that you have a website that ranks for keywords on search engines and gets you before more people. It’s also important to have your website set up to drive traffic to when you start advertising and to take payments online securely.

Once you’re ready to get started having seen the wisdom in doing so, then click the link below:

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