How To Overcome Challenges

Myrtle Sobers is a nurse and a caregiver with a mission to help others facing a uniquely challenging situation. She never considered nursing as a profession until dementia, a debilitating neurologic disease, hit close to home.

Myrtle faced the overwhelmingly difficult task of helping her mother cope with dementia. Unlike many students who come to the 10-10-10™ program, Myrtle didn’t want to brand herself or stand out in her profession. Her intentions were entirely altruistic, focusing on helping others deal with this heartbreaking disease.

Myrtle poured her heart into her first book she created in the 10-10-10™ Program. Entitled The Journey: Coping With Loved Ones in the Strange World of Dementia, the book provides guidance for families facing dementia.

With sensitivity and compassion, Myrtle’s experience both personally and professionally can help others cope with the disease.

We all face challenges, some of them overwhelming. Can authorship help you overcome these obstacles and help others facing the same challenges?

Learn how Myrtle turned her tragedy into triumph on this week’s instalment of Authors on the Move.

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Although Myrtle didn’t set out to do so, she will now be viewed as an expert on the subject, just because writing a book has helped to brand her.

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