How To Analyse Market Trends

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Precious Mvulane is a financial expert. As the Managing Director of GAD Consulting Services, Precious serves as a chartered accountant and auditor.

Precious is a financial powerhouse, with extensive experience helping businesses optimize their finances. Her expertise has been showcased at workshops in her native South Africa; where Precious has shared her extensive knowledge of governance structures, tax compliance and financial management.

She came to the 10-10-10™ Program already respected in her field. Precious wanted to extend her expertise beyond her professional circle. Her first book, The Essential Finance Handbook for Business Owners: 7 Basic Steps to Manage Your Business’ Financial Performance has given her a new way to reach people worldwide—and has transformed her into an author and expert!

How can writing a book transform your life?

Discover how authorship opens doors in Precious’ own words in her interview with Raymond Aaron, creator of the 10-10-10 Program here: Precious’s Interview

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