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A few months ago I applied for a consulting position with a digital company, but one of the reasons I didn’t get a call back was because the owner wondered about my commute to work, which was several miles away.

Why? digital marketing is not necessarily a face to face business, I wondered.

I thought it was odd that with my level of experience and most especially, the nature of the role that there appeared to be no flexibility with this employer. I suppose it was the fact that I was looking for a consulting position and not a job, that may have ‘thrown’ them.

Now fast forward today and we are all currently in a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Who is actually going to the office for work?

Time For A Change

Sometimes I wonder how they are now faring with their office working restrictions.

This current situation has brought most businesses, especially those office-based ones to a screeching halt and those who are not forward-thinking or even inflexible will not survive. After all, none of us really know when the lockdown will be lifted and what the new normal would be like.

It’s businesses like myself who recognise this and instead of resisting change adapt to change that will thrive and come through this situation unharmed and even profitable.

It’s time for your businesses to go digital, wouldn’t you agree?

Online Consultant

If you are ready to make the necessary adjustments and are ready to provide solutions that work now for problems that your customers’ might be facing, you should get in touch with me for a virtual consultation now.

Things to consider before you get in touch are:

  • Is your business struggling due to the lockdown situation?
  • Are you are struggling to meet your customers’ current needs?
  • Was your business doing well prior to the lockdown?
  • Were you looking to go online in your business before the lockdown?
  • Are you looking for a new source of income online?
  • Are you looking for an additional source of online income?
  • Are you willing to have me as your online consultant?
  • Are you able to face time through Zoom for example?
  • Are you willing to pay for my expertise?

Many lives have been lost since the start of the corona pandemic and many of whom were put at risk helping others. Please stay home and stay safe, it really will save lives.

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