How to Write An Article to Provide Solutions and Make Money

As a business brand, you not only want to be recognised for your logo but for the problem you solve.

To this end, have you considered writing articles that solve a problem for your customers and potential customers?

Articles Writing Format

You should already know what problems your customers need solving and if you don’t you could carry out a survey to find out and then write an article about it.

To do this effectively you need a keyword a term that people are looking for. It’s almost impossible 2 carry out research without requiring Google. I wrote a blog post to help you learn more about a Keyword Ranking Software

However, if you want to really write an article that will both solve a problem and help make you money be you a business brand or freelance writer the tool that can help you do it most effectively is Articles Writing Format

Freelance Article Writing

When I write articles, for example, I’m not only drawing attention to my brand, and solving problems that my customers want answers to, I’m also getting some traffic to my website. This is the beauty of writing articles and posting them to a website that you own.

Savvy freelancers, bloggers and business owners are learning this is the best way to go about writing an article is to provide solutions and make money doing it.

If you would want to do the same just follow the link to learn how here: Freelance Article Writing

SEO Article Writing

The research tool I point you to in the above link will not only help you in your keyword research but in your search engine optimisation which is what you will be going for as you seek to make money from your article writing.

To be clear people will pay you for providing solutions to their problems and owning a website like this will enable you to optimise your site for sales any way you want and provide you with joint venture collaboration opportunities.

For all the tools and resources you need to write money-making articles that provide solutions and to learn the art of profitable article writing, go here: SEO Article Writing

What are your thoughts on providing solutions through article writing and getting paid? I welcome your comments in the box below.


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