How To Protect Your Assets

Jeffrey Tam is a financial wizard and founder of the Toronto Wealth Group. He’s also one of the most charming people my book publisher has ever met.

Given that he’s so personable, it’s incredible to hear his story…few clients saw him any anything more than just a bank representative!

Jeff has always been an expert, but clients never saw him as anything other than an agent of the bank he worked for. Thanks to the 10-10-10™ Program, Jeff was able to coalesce his expertise into his first book, Retire Wealthy: Make More Money, Pay Less Tax, Protect Your Assets.

Now that he’s got a book under his belt, as well as an award, clients and colleagues see Jeff differently. He is now widely regarded as the inventor of the Transformational A.D.V.I.C.E™ Technique, a unique approach to financial planning.

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Learn how it changed Jeff’s on this week’s instalment of Authors on the Move.

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