How To Get Mortgage Free Early

According to the 2018 UK documentary (see above video) The Great British Mortgage Swindle, the banks rely on unlawful common practice to illegally repossess up to 25,000 properties every year.

In “Money creation in the modern economy” the bank of England confirms it. Eminent banking Professor Richard Werner details how the system works in his research document “How do banks create money.” According to Professor Richard Werner (one of the worlds most qualified banking experts) and The Bank of England, Banks don’t take deposits, and banks don’t lend money. The facts are that banks borrow from the public and call them deposits, banks create mortgage credit from their customers promise to pay back these so-called loans. The astonishing realisation is that you (If you’re a mortgage customer) are the creditor, not the mortgage provider. Think about it.

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Do you have a UK mortgage? Would you like to know how this affects your mortgage repayments and your homeownership? I have recently come across information that will show you how to get mortgage-free.

Would you like help on becoming mortgage-free without the stress and hassle witnessed in the above video?  (Do watch the above video completely if you have not already done so). Then respond in the comment box below and I will contact you by email following (so do ensure you place your most active email address in there which will only be visible to me).

Please note, this relates to UK residents at this time. So, do share with all your family and friends who are UK based.

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