Go After Your Dream

Tony Davis is the CEO and managing director of Dovetail Business Solutions (Pty), LTD, a billion-dollar logistics firm in his native South Africa.

In 20 years, his company has become Africa’s leading provider of commercial software to the continent’s Logistics and Supply Chain businesses.

And yet, Tony was rarely recognized as an expert. Tony joined the 10-10-10™ Program with several goals, including increasing his and his firm’s visibility while making it possible for him to ease away from his role as company frontman.

With the publication of The Book on Logistics Software, authored with four of his senior staff members, he was able to expand his influence worldwide while paving the way for the advancement of his co-authors’ respective careers.

Just think what writing a book can do for you—and your business!

Tony’s tale will inspire and amaze you—and you can only hear it in when you register for the 101010 program today and send me an email request for it.

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The current situation with international lockdown provides a perfect opportunity and incentive for anyone ready and able to put down their knowledge in book form and possibly get paid for it all online!

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