Getting Your Online Presence Right

In this blog post I am going to share with you how you can grow your product, business or services online. To this end, I will share how I created a Facebook Page for one client and got it up and running in a few months with well over a 1000 followers and counting. I am very proud of it and the constant engagement it is getting now.

Facebook Page (Case Study)

A Facebook page otherwise known as a Fan page will help get you the exposure and or recognition you are aiming for when done right. It’s important to know that you cannot treat it like a timeline if you want to get customers, clients, followers or in my client’s case, build your online congregation a virtual church, if you will. It is definitely the easiest and cheapest way by far (at time of writing) to getting your online presence right before your target audience who are online looking for what you have to offer.

Like a website, it’s your digital shop front and or foot print. It’s right here that you set up shop letting potential customers, clients or congregation, know that you’re in business. It’s great for charities too, as my client has discovered.


There are over 2 billion people on Facebook, but you need to separate your client, congregation, customer or potential customer from the crowd. This is what my client’s did. They understood that organic marketing alone was insufficient as they have a timeline page that proved this and decided to let me work my expertise on bringing awareness to who they are.


As already mentioned, our timeline is not designed for marketing, so Facebook has created the fan page for this purpose. Marketing i.e. advertising is the life blood and fuel of any business, free can only get you so far! With marketing, you find out what your followers like and are looking for and give it to them.


However, for your customers to find you, you need to advertise to them specifically and consistently, so they get to know you or about your product or service. Happily, advertising on Facebook is quite cheap and any serious business provider should have an advertising budget even if it’s small. It’s this practice of marketing and advertising consistently that will help you get your online presence right to the point that you are in your customers mind when they think of the product or service you represent or are offering.

Getting Your Online Presence Right

Now going back to my client, they were virtually unknown when we started their official church page and they weren’t sure if it would be beneficial, but the positive engagements in the form of likes and comments, which we didn’t pay for – a by product of advertising – proves the huge benefit and blessing it has become.

When we started in 2017 it was a few sporadic ads for page likes. Then we got consistent last year and Facebook started recommending posts to boost which appeared to be doing great organically anyway. However, it was because of the few post engagements and pages likes that we paid for previously that our page content is gaining the snowball effect. The amazing thing is, all this was done on a budget of £100 or less a month and to prove it, we have had a grand total of 9 ads in that time!

See image of our most recent post and the engagement it got without advertising, but as a result of our large following through advertising.


In conclusion, getting a Facebook page and advertising it the way my client did is the best way to getting your online presence right. If you have a business, product or service or you are an organization that does not have a Facebook Business Page I can help you get one up and running for a reasonable price within 24 hours. Contact me today for the special January 2020 deal I offered in the Live Event promotion! Get started here: Message Me




  1. Eruvwu has been the go-to media manager for our company since we went digital, creating our website, Facebook fan page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. With her help, we have launched our very first advertising campaign. We would highly recommend her services.

  2. We are so happy with the ongoing service Eruvwu is providing for us as a church. We have seen an increase in followers and engagement online since she helped us set up our Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and has kept our advertising budget reasonable, yet helped us achieve so much!

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