Brand Strategy 101

The fact is the best branding strategy is the one where you create an awareness of your ability to provide customers or potential customers with insight into the benefit of your product and service in a way that enables them to view you as an expert.

Brand Strategy 101

In order to brand yourself, there are two proven ways to accomplish your aim which are:-

A. Own a website with the name of
B. Write about what you know following this format here: Join the 10-10-10 Program

To find out what it takes, I am offering a 15 minutes consultation to the first 100 action takers. However,  to qualify as an action taker you will need to do the following, namely:-

  1. Get yourself a copy of my book Branding 101 Book, click here: Branding 101 PDF
  2. Click the link below to register for a web hosting account and or transfer your current hosting account over to the same hosting provider that I use (that way you have 100% access to the same resources I do and be able to monetise your site also).
  3. Upgrade to a premium account.

You can carry on as before throwing money at a marketing team and on resources that don’t really work or you can do it the savvy way, your choice. If you choose to do it the savvy way, then click the link here: Brand Building 101


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