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When you own a website your aim is to provide information and solutions for people searching the internet for answers. When your information is relevant it creates traffic. However, traffic does not always convert to sales.

Nevertheless, did you know that you could get sales without your visitors buying from you directly?

It is called using affiliate marketing links. You do this by placing your affiliate links within the content of your web posts, for example, your blog.

Banner Money

Another way is to create banners on your website. Creating banners is quite easy and in the above video, I show you how.

Banners are a smart way to get your visitors to click on a link that interests them and possibly make a purchase. When they do you get paid a commission.

I would like to add in closing that in order to get affiliate links you would generally need to be registered with an affiliate company.

Website Money Maker

Although there are free ones it is best to use affiliate links that you are affiliated with as a customer i.e. a paid service you use. This shows integrity on your part so because you are a customer you are in a better position to promote it to others.

To learn more follow the link here: Affiliate Banner Links

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