About the Author

Eruvwu Joyce Obuaya is the award winning author of the upcoming book Branding 101 – Turning Your Passion To Profit.

Eruvwu’s experience advertising and marketing in content creation and brand awareness started in the early 2000s.

Her experience extends far above overseeing content development to a niche audience. Additionally, her skill at developing crisp, engaging content to help businesses and organizations promote their key benefits and priorities to drive traffic to their website or other social media outlets is second to none.

Eruvwu has used her creative talent to provide digital marketing specialization & PR, web designing & social media expertise to businesses and organisation.

By keeping up with the latest techniques in marketing trends, she has launched successful ad campaigns and creates a social media presence for her clients.

Her techniques will give you the tools required to evaluate results and determine future strategy in your business. As a consultant, she is shrewdly perceptive, her consults take you far above the obvious social media arena correlating personal development to physical and financial growth.

If you want your business to be rewarded handsomely you will do well to apply her ideas and concepts to your business. Get in touch with her today to book your consultation at consulting@branding101book.com

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